Top 10 Free World Best Smartphone Games

World Best Smartphone Games

‘i am about to show you Top 10 free world best smartphone games that you can download right now for free for both android and iPhone users.

1. Asphalt 9 Legends

The Asphalt 9 Legends is a viral game, and much like other car racing games, asphalt has the most insane graphics. As you go through each race, you learn more and more about the controls. 

So on the right-hand side, there is your nitro boost, and on the left, if you double-tap, you can do a 360 flip and knock some players off the course.

You do have three different driving options in Asphalt 9 Legends. And as you progress through the races, you unlock some pretty sweet cars; of course, the point of this game is to try and win every single race so that you can make upgrades unlock new racecourses and soup up your car to the max. 

Download Link : Asphalt 9 Legends

2. Crossy Roads

So Crossy Roads is a pretty addictive game, and I find myself playing it all the time. Although this game is really simple, it is a bunch of fun. The point of this game is to cross as many roads as possible and progress up the levels. You can choose to tap or quickly tap your way through the traffic slowly, and you also need to collect as many coins as possible.

If you get hit by any traffic, you’re pretty much dead and have to start right at the beginning, or if you linger in one spot for too long, you get eaten by an eagle. If you also miss your jump and land in the water, drown or stay on a log and hit the rapids, you also die.

So yes, a chicken is crossing a road, but it is really hard to stop playing, so as you collect coins and make it through all the levels, you unlock different characters but keep in mind the further you go, the harder. It gets this is such a cool free game.

Download Links: Crossy Roads

3. Gerena Free Fire

The Gerena Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game and what’s cool is you play with many other online players. When you start, everyone gets placed in this waiting room to get familiar with all the different controls but then when it’s time to jam.

It’s all about survival of the fittest 50 players get dropped on the remote island, and the point is to be the last man or woman standing throughout the island.

You can find guns, ammunition and all sorts of gear to help you. And whether you want to play a stealthy game or hop in a car and drive over some people, it’s completely up to you.

But, of course, you also need to keep an eye on that map throughout the game to ensure your survival. as you progress, you unlock many different characters and even unlock pets that follow you around. It’s honestly so cool.

Download Link : Garena Free Fire – Rampage

4. Ninja Arashi 2

The Ninja Arashi 2 is a brilliant platform game. I warn you guys, and it is a super addictive game. You have to battle on the various ways to level up. Your direction controls are easy to get used to, and on the right-hand side are all your skills and ninja powers.

Here is where you can throw your weapon, or if you come across a guard, you can use camouflage mode and sneak up on your opponent or if you want to quick and easily take out a guard, You can do that too.

Your skills and powers slowly reload as you use them, and when you reach one of these green pillars, your game is saved throughout the game; make sure you don’t land on these spiky pillars, or you’ll die and here’s what it looks like when you respawn this is an amazing game. I cannot believe it is free.

Download Link : Ninja Arashi 2

5. Golf Battle

With over 10 million downloads for some reason, this game is super addictive, so this game is incredibly simple, and you play with other online players.

Once the course is ready, it’s literally as simple as clicking on your ball, holding down and directing it, then letting go your ball slides off in that direction, and the point of the game, just like any golf is to sync your ball in the least amount of shots.

But as you make your way through the game, the courses get a lot harder the more games you win, the more coins you collect, and of course, with those coins, you can make some pretty cool upgrades on the bottom is where you’ll find the leaderboard or even where you can invite friends but with those coins.

you can update your clubs customize the look of your golf ball, or even change the hole’s graphic defects when you sink a ball

Download Link: Golf Battle

6. Call of Duty

I’m sure many of you have heard of this game, and it is surprisingly fun and easy to play the mobile version. So when starting off your game, you get put into teams with other online players, and everything works pretty much the same as it would on a console or pc.

The point of the game is to work with your team members and take out the other team and try and get the most kills. The top right-hand corner of your screen is a nice map overview, and where all your controls are to change your weapon back and forth.

It’s as simple as tapping this bar. The other interesting thing with the Call Of Duty mobile is the automatic shooting, so you have to point your weapon at the enemy, and your gun automatically fires.

I’m pretty sure you can change the option in settings, but I kind of like it, of course, as you complete levels and progress throughout the game.
You unlock different levels of gear and many other cool things, so I’m going to have to say this game by far is the best free first-person shooter game.

Download Link: Call of Duty

7. 8 Ball Pool

The 8 Ball Pool is a Very popular game, Now whether you’re a pool fan or not, once you play this game, you pretty much end up loving it. Once again, you get paired up with other online players from across the world and join a digital pool game with them.

If it’s your turn to start, you place the white ball, then pull back on that q bar, and the bam breaks the balls.

You can even choose to mark the exact spot where you want your cue to hit the white ball, and depending on how professional you want to go, and you can even upgrade your pool cue to have better aim, better force, and a whole bunch of other things.

You’ll be surprised at just how fun this game is and how addictive it is to play. You can even chat with the other player, but ultimately the point of the game is to win, and I mean, I didn’t think much of this game until I realized it has over 500 million downloads. I mean, that’s half a billion.

So clearly, a lot of people love this game, and again, as you progress, you can unlock different pool cues and even unlock different tables or tournaments, and it’s all completely free

Download link: 8 Ball Pool

8. Flow Free

The Flow Free game is really interesting because it has like no graphic design whatsoever , but it does have over 100 million downloads which must mean. and Flow Free is one of the best puzzle available free on plays tore.

It is pretty addictive. It’s hilarious just how simple this game is because all you have to do is line up the coloured dots with one another pretty simple, right.

It gets so complicated, and you’ve got to try and do this in a certain amount of flow; as you go through each level, you get the hang of things, but it doesn’t just stop there.

Flow Free Game 2

Flow Free Game

Let me tell you guys. These levels get so intense. I mean, how crazy at any time if you do make a mistake, you can click this little button in the centre, and it’ll refresh your game, or if you make a mistake, you can click this back button to undo it you also get this little hint button that’ll show you the correct path at the end of the day it is loads of fun so if you like puzzle games then this one is for you.

Download Link: Flow Free

9. Head Ball 2

The head ball 2 is a punchy fast-paced two-player game, and like all the others, a bunch of fun. But, unfortunately, the controls at the bottom are ridiculously simple.

The point of the game is to score as many goals as possible before the round is up.

You play against other online players from around the world. As you progress, you unlock sneaky features that allow you to double in size so you can beat your opponents or even freeze them for a couple of seconds to get past and score that super important goal whilst playing. You can also chat using emojis like this, and ultimately the more games you win, the more points you earn.

You can then update your character and get more skills. You can even customize the look of your character by adding shoes, a hat or even sunglasses, and again, you can unlock different events or even start your team by inviting friends. I mean, who would have thought these tiny little football players would have over 50 million downloads.

Download Link: Head Ball 2

10. Among Us

The Among US is another extremely popular game, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should. you can choose to host your gameplay with other online players or even just your friends to start playing straight away.

You select a room, and this is where all the players wait before the game starts. You can customize your character by choosing a different colour or selecting one of the available crazy looking hats. When all the players have joined the room, then you’re ready to start the game, and you’ll either be selected as a crewmate or an imposter.

As a crewmate, the point of the game is to finish as many of these little tasks as possible the more tasks the crew completes, the better chance of winning the game.

However, there is an Imposter among everyone, and when this happens, it means someone has died between everyone. You then have to discuss who you think is the Impostor and try and vote them out.

If enough people vote for one person, then they’ll be ejected from the game, and everyone continues once again.
But anyway, let me know in the comment section what you think the top free smartphone game is right now.

Download Link: Among US