Top 5 Most Addictive Android Mobile Games 2021

Top 5 Most Addictive Android Mobile Games 2021

One of the keen activities of the Android Mobile users is “playing games”. Which game has to play and which not. Sometimes it takes also takes some time to make the right decision. We create a list of Top 5 most addictive games for Android 2021 on the grounds of users’ experience and the Game reviews. These games are not so difficult for a common game user but it makes some interesting levels so you can enjoy a lot.

Let’s start, Comment below if you enjoyed the article or mentioned your favorite games for a review as well or the game are people most addicted to?

1. Limbo

limbo is undoubtedly the most simplistic yet the most challenging game I’ve ever played. It immerses you without colorful visuals, and it challenges you without any complicated problems. As you play the character, you’ll be presented with problems that require simple solutions in a very dark, mysterious, and slightly freaky environment. The hard part is to figure these solutions out.

The game is full of surprises, and the audio is something that adds to the gaming experience. Still, it’s problem-solving that makes this game so addictive.

Now the storyline is quite long. Many chapters can be unlocked. The full unlocked version with all the features sells for about 4.99 dollars, or you can get the demo version and play that along.

Winner of More than 100 Awards, including:

  • Gameinformer’s “Best Downloadable
  • Gamespot’s “Best Puzzle Game
  • Kotaku’s “The Best Indie Game
  • GameReactor’s “Digital Game of the Year
  • Spike TV’s “Best Independent Game
  • X-Play’s “Best Downloadable Game
  • IGN’s “Best Horror Game

2. I Love Hue

The next most addictive game is “I Love Hue“; it’s yet another puzzle-solving game that not only looks incredible but plays well too. The gameplay logic is pretty straightforward. You have to arrange the squares so that the color gamut looks good. The interaction is, you know, you swap one block for the other and make sure that the entire piece is arranged in a way as it was in the beginning.

Now the game tends to get complicated as you proceed through levels. For example, the beginner stage has 10 levels.

As you complete a level, you get a heart, and when you acquire all hearts, you unlock the next stage, and you keep unlocking multiple stages as you score more hearts.

Now let’s say I’ve unlocked the next stage. I can play all the new levels in that state, so let’s say I go to apprentice, and that has 25 new levels to play, so you can imagine how big and how lengthy and how addictive the game can get.

You have to be careful because this game can end up wasting a lot of your time.

3. Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s fortune is one of my all-time favorites android games. You essentially have the fur ball guy you run along on a platform collecting treasure, avoiding traps, and solving puzzles. The difficulty level will increase gradually to learn the game and get a better hold of the controls, which are simple. Still, you’re going to die a couple of times unexpectedly. The environment and the terrain keep changing too.

Sometimes you’ve got lush green forests, you know you get snowy mountains or underwater stuff, or you know you even get deserts and trains. Still, the variety in the game is amazing.

Now some are just pure game skills. You know you avoid obstacles, and or you’re jumping over certain things to ensure. You sail through, but sometimes you need to do something to overcome a challenge, and you have to figure that out while you’re playing the game. While playing, I have to turn these switches to unlock the logs that stop me from going further or proceeding further into the level. You know it’s not that easy.

So you have to try a couple of times, and then you eventually can proceed. The game is not free, though. It’s for 4.99 dollars in the play store, but I don’t even think twice. I mean, the visuals, the sound, the gameplay experience it’s worth so much.

4. Smash Hit

more next up is smash hit, and this game is all about focus, concentration, and timing and to travel as far as you can and break all the beautiful glass objects that stand in your way. The levels are very easy and slow initially. Still, then you know you keep learning the controls, and once you do, things pick up the pace and get complicated as you proceed.

So at the top, you see a number that’s the number of or set of balls that you get to throw, and they deplete if you hit an obstacle. So you aim to collect as many of these by breaking the glass diamonds.

The graphics are surreal; the game looks beautiful and sounds even better if you’ve got a pair of headphones while playing this game. I could say it’s almost hypnotic. It’s so well done, and the music and audio effects change to suit each stage.

Now, as you proceed, the levels get tougher and graphically richer. It can almost spin your head, but the joy of you.

Know moving fast-breaking things and just enjoying the beautiful graphics but that music that’s pretty special, and it’s what makes this game such a bliss.

The free version of the game lets you play for as long as you can until you run out of balls unless you deplete your balls.

There’s no right way of saying this, so if you finish all the balls you have, you’re going to have to start from the beginning, and that’s the downside of the free version. If you get yourself the premium version, you’ll be able to pick off right where you left.

5. Sky Dancer

the last one sky dancer, and think of this game as a combination of temple run and subway surfers but only much less complicated and with pure dystopian graphics. You have to jump, make sure you land on a platform, and as you do, you can collect coin points and avoid obstacles to proceed further in the level.

The scenes will keep changing, but the graphics remain minimalist now as you proceed in the levels. They keep getting tougher, and your skills start getting tested if you don’t land on the platform. You lose out, and you have to restart, or else you can watch an ad and resume from the same point.

So as you proceed, you will have higher jumps lesser platforms, making the game harder and more likely for you to miss and fall.

Now this game is probably the simplest that I’ve talked about in this entire series. As I said, you know it’s just going to get tougher, not as tough maybe, and you know they’ll start to include clouds so that your visibility goes down. You know or maybe like this rainfall sort of a thing, and there you go, and that’s it, guys. Those were 5 games that I want to share with you.

None of these games are brand new, but these are games that I liked, and I thought they were not as well-known.

So just wanted to bring it to your attention. Hopefully, some of these games are brand new for you too.