5 Best Free and Cheap Minimal Android KWGT Widgets for May 2022

One4KWGT Reloaded

Android phones allow us to add widgets on the home screen that we can set up according to our choice. A majority of Android users love customizing their phones with beautiful wallpapers and widgets that match the wallpaper, which is why I am going to showcase 5 of the best free and cheap minimal Android KWGT widgets for May 2022. And as always, you can download all the apps from the link in the short review.

1. A12 Hybrid for KWGT

The widgets in this KWGT app support rounded corners, as you get on Android 12. The result is a beautiful list of 95+ widgets that are suitable for almost every app category. The widgets can be set to transparent if you want your wallpaper color scheme to remain dominant on the home screen. There is also a resource monitoring widget that can compactly display your system’s stats. The developer claims that they are updating the widget library in the coming weeks and may even introduce a new set of widgets.

A12 Hybrid for KWGT

Download A12 Hybrid for KWGT

2. Zen KWGT

Following that is the Zen KWGT widget, which includes not only KWGT widgets but also a KLWP live wallpaper to provide you with a complete home screen setup. If you’re tired of the flashy eye-gouging KWGT widget packs, the Zen KWGT widget is completely simple and uses calm colours and material design to provide users with a complete Zen experience. Zen KWGT widget initially offered 25 widgets, but the library has since grown to include more than 100 KWGT widgets as well as many other widgets. To complement the widget design, you get one KLWP preset and 10 wallpapers. The font used, as well as the sophisticated clock and music app design, will fascinate you.


Download Zen KWGT

3. Abstract Pro for KWGT

Abstract Pro for KLWP is a simply stunning widget pack that uses darker backgrounds as a foundation for beautiful and descriptive widgets. In contrast with the dark background, the widget implements white fonts that make it easier to read the contents. The pro version includes 51 widgets and 6 complimentary wallpapers that tempt you to check your home screen every few seconds. In addition to the calendar, music, time, date, and whether there is a system info widget that displays system resource statistics.

Abstract Pro for KWGT

Download Abstract Pro for KWGT

 4. Passion KWGT widget

Next, we have the Passion KWGT widget, which provides enticing widgets that take up very little space on your Android home screen. This widget has an abstract design with bold fonts and colors, which makes it stand out on the screen. The majority of the widgets in this app are designed to be placed in the bottom half of the screen. To ensure complete content visibility, the Passion KWGT widgets are designed to work with a neutral-colored plain background. Passion KWGT now has 70 widgets after a recent update. At the moment, it is a free widget app without purchases.

Passion KWGT widget

Download Passion KWGT widget

5. One4KWGT Reloaded

So the final KWGT widget is One4KWGT Reloaded, which is jam-packed with widgets and wallpapers and justifies its price based on the amount of content included. Normally, a KWGT widget app is focused on a single design, but this widget app includes a variety of widget designs, including Neomorphic IOS style widgets, real widgets, and much more.

One4KWGT Reloaded includes 94 KWGT widgets and 96 wallpapers to meet your extensive home screen customization needs. You can select a dark or light theme for the widget, as well as change the colour of the widget and fonts to your liking.


  • 96 widgets
  • 94 wallpapers
  • 8 komponents

One4KWGT Reloaded

Download One4KWGT Reloaded

So, here are some of the best minimal KWGT widgets to try in May 2022. So, which of the aforementioned widgets do you prefer? Do you know of any other KWGT widget apps that we should have included? Please share your thoughts in the comments.