Infinix Hot 10T is a Best Mid Range Mobile Phone | Review

Infinix Hot 10T

Hello Readers, this is my review for the Infinix Hot 10T, a smartphone that offers you a 90Hrtz refresh rate for as low as Rs 27,999 in Pakistan.
the specs, the features, and the performance of the Infinix Hot 10T.

Let’s talk about what comes in the box; with this smartphone, you get a case for the smartphone, the screen protector, s-club card, paperwork, micro USB cable, a pair of earphones, a 10 Watt charger, and the smartphone itself.

Let’s move over to the specifications for the Infinix Hot 10T

You’re getting yourself a 6.82 inch HD plus ultra-smooth display with a 90 Hz refresh rate a 720p resolution. This mobile runs on the Helio G75 processor, which is a cheap set from Mediatek. You get 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage or 128 gigs of internal storage, depending on the variant you get.

Infinix Hot 10T

The battery capacity here is 5000 milliamp hours, and it runs up to 4G in terms of connectivity.

You get a fingerprint sensor which is, of course, standard.
A 48-megapixel sensor for the camera, and that’s the main sensor.

Now let’s delve in and see if the specs match up what you pay for that’s for the smartphone and if the smartphone is good, starting with the build quality.

The Infinix Hot 10T is made out of plastic with an attached pattern looking real design. The rare feels smooth and easy the fingerprints magnets as opposed to what you presume.

You have a triple camera setup at the rear, the horizontally centered fingerprint sensor, and the Infinix branding.

The bottom side houses the 3.5-millimeter jack ports, which we are familiar with, a mouthpiece opening Micro USB ports, of course, a downside for me, and the down-firing speaker grille.

You also have a dedicated Micro SD card slot to the left with the dual sim trees. At the same time, the right side has a volume rocker and also a power button.

The front side has this vast 6.82-inch display, something I’ll touch on in a bit with the dewdrop notch. Also, you get an LED flash which doubles as the charging indicator in terms of the design and build quality. This is standard for the price, something you should expect. I think they did play it safe in terms of design here too.

Back to the display, the display only is a 6.82 HD plus display with a 90hz refresh rate and 120hz touch sample rates. The quality is above average and gives you a colorful rendition of images.

Now for context, when you compare the smartphone’s display against the Samsung Galaxy A12, I do prefer Infinix’s display, especially when you consider the high refresh rate on the smartphone. Still, the galaxy gives you a brighter display than the Infinix Hot 10T, but generally, I tend to lean towards the display on the Hot 10T because of that high saturated image you get from this display.

A 5000mah battery capacity coupled with a 10-watt charger included in the box is what you get from this smartphone. I know 10watt charging might not be the best right now. However, it will take you about three hours to juice the device from zero to 100%.

Still, one thing you should consider is the fact that this battery will last you through a full day of use and sometimes might even take you to the next day depending on how you use the smartphone, so charging on shouldn’t be a problem about 8-hour screen on time is what you should expect from the Infinix Hot 10T so the price you can get the Infinix Hot 10T, for Rs 27,999 in Pakistan and that would be for the 128 gigabytes 4 gigs RAM variant.

Honestly, you would barely find a smartphone in this region and around the same price point with as much performance and processing as the smartphone.

fIn terms of performance with other devices compared to this price point, the Infinix Hot 10T handles lights used like a champ, such as checking your emails, social media streaming, and all those kinds of stuff.

Now it doesn’t stop there; everything runs smoothly on this smartphone, all thanks to the hardware upgrade this year. Now you have a high refresh rate on the smartphone that’s the Helio G7 processor 4 gigabytes of RAM, which makes running even heavy games like PUBG, call of duty mobile, and the likes an enjoyable experience and without hiccups.

Meanwhile, Android 11 and XOS 7.6 are what you get from the smartphone. Do I personally love XOS? Well, it’s not my favorite Android skin. The bloatware apps are a handful and should be toned down on the smartphone.

When it comes to the cameras here, you get a 48-megapixel sensor for the primary camera, and you also get a 2-megapixel depth sensor.
Now you also have an extra AI cam for low light capability, and an led flash can also be seen at this camera module from this rare front-facing camera. On the other hand, it is an 8-megapixel lens also accompanied by a front-facing LED flash.

If there’s something I can see about the cameras, they are pretty much versatile, and for a phone, at this price range, you’re getting what you pay for as long as you have good lighting, you get good looking photos colorful with good exposure, and the front-facing camera might not be the best thing out there, but it gets the job done for me.

The rear camera is the strength. Videos can be recorded at up to 2k resolution for both the front and the rear cameras, so what’s my take on the Infinix Hot 10T.

Infinix Hot 10T is an incredible smartphone with lots of features. A fantastic performance that’s with the price and view now design might not be the best out there or maybe might not be that exciting, but something we’re familiar with and doesn’t suck you have good camera capabilities on the smartphone even with a low light feature in the camera app and that amazing refresh rate for the display.

I mean a lot of bang for your money. The only thing I can complain about here is that XOS comes bundled with lots of blu-ray applications that are unnecessary. So now, what are your thoughts on the Infinix Hot 10T? let me know in the comment section.